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About Us
With over 26 years of claims experience, Michelle Okpah, CWCP and CEO of Claims Impact Service, understands the thought process of a claims adjuster and what causes the adjuster to react positively to the demands of the plaintiff attorney. Her insight into the philosophy of the insurance company/TPA makes counteracting their claims strategies simple. 
Claims Impact Service provides innovative workers’ compensation and personal injury case management services to the plaintiff community with a special emphasis on case resolution. Heavy caseloads often mean that the expectations placed on the adjuster by both the insured and the insurer are frequently not met.
Our demands are written from an adjuster’s perspective and consist of every requirement needed to obtain settlement authority, allowing the adjuster to do his or her job faster and more efficiently.
Claims Impact Service provides comprehensive claim reviews that are conducted in a unique way, exposing all errors and omissions made by the adjuster that result in penalty opportunities and swift settlements. These reviews often include writing effective medical questionnaires that help maximize the ultimate medical exposure.
Claims Impact Service also offers the following: 
On-sight claim reviews
Catastrophic claim reviews 
Mediation services
Annuity and structured settlement development, 
Expert witness services
Paralegal workshops 
CLE sponsored seminar entitled "What Would the Adjuster Do?"
Case resolution management
Ghost writing
Settlement evaluations
Medical reviews
Medical questionnaires
In-house CLE seminar
In addition, Claims Impact Service provides initial intake screening services. We make the intake process hassle-free by preparing comprehensive initial evaluation reports. The stringent intake process allows your firm to filter out cases that may not be a good fit, which allows you to use your valuable time in other areas. Claims Impact Service exponentially saves your law firm from overhead costs and loss profit by eliminating the need for additional staff and case referrals.
For information about how Claims Impact Service can be of assistance to you, call us today at 678.310.8566  
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