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Claims Impact Service is setting a trend in Workers’ Compensation and Person Injury cases.
Both the trial attorney and the injured now have the benefit of a Claims Adjuster working on their behalf.
CIS offers case resolution management services that get results. Claims Impact Service writes comprehensive, precise, and effective  settlement demands, seeking the ultimate probable exposure of each unique case and concisely telling the story.
The primary focus is three-fold:
We tell the claimant's story by going through each file with a fine-tooth comb, using medical records (e.g., IME), reports (e.g., injury reports, police reports), Board filings (e.g., wage statements), and any other documentation.
We identify any flaws, errors, or omissions made by the adjuster that result in penalty opportunities and swift settlements.
We come to a conclusion that is in the best interest of the injured.
We are aware of the time dedicate to writing briefs, preparing for and attending hearings and settlement mediations, and handling day-to-day client relations.
CIS writes settlement demands in 10 days or less. 
In addition to writing workers' compensation settlement demands, CIS provides a variety of other services.
Making an Impact & Getting Results From an Adjuster Perspective